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HerbalSteam Pro

Finally! The perfect solution for steaming the Herbal Poultice that is user friendly and significantly reduces preparationtime! Designed to fit the poultice in an upright position, the steam begins immediately and is directed in a constant stream through the entire base of the herbal ball, allowing the steam to hydrate the compress evenly without causing over-saturation.  The added safety knob reduces the risk of injury from the steam and increases it’s already user-friendly quality, so therapists can focus on the therapeutic & healing benefits of the herbal poultice instead of fussing with the heating unit to keep it properly hydrated during the treatment.


The proper method of steaming the Herbal Poultice / Herbal Ball is ESSENTIAL and will make a BIG DIFFERENCE in the ease and effectiveness of the treatment for the therapist as well as how the herbal poultice/herbal ball feels to the client.

STEAMERS TO AVOID:  When heating the Herbal Poultice/Herbal Ball avoid a double boiler that will cause the poultice/herbal ball to become saturated with water and require constant attention & maintenance during the course of a massage.  A rice cooker with the metal basket can be used, but is often too shallow and the metal basket often creates unnecessary noise and hassle during a treatment.