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Body Poultice

The Original Herbal Poultice


Herbal PoulticeHerbal PoulticeHerbal Poultice

Drift away tension with this unforgettable traditional Thai Herbal Poultice, unchanged since Thailand’s Ayutthaya period (14th-18th Century), when a hot pack was administered to soldiers returning from war with muscle aches. While the hot poultice opens the pores, a balancing fusion of lemongrass, bergamot, ginger, turmeric and camphor brings a deep medicinal heat to the muscles to release tension and revitalize the mind.

Calming Herbal Poultice


This Calming Poultice soothes the senses and helps the body to reconnect to the mind. Sweet Basil, Vetiver & Pikul Flower relax the mind, while Thai Ginger & Camphor ease away muscular tension. Leaves the body & mind in a deep state of serenity and perfect harmony.

Indigo Herbal Poultice


indigo poultice

Filled with pure remedial ingredients, Indigo Herbal compresses were traditionally used by the Hmong Shamans to treat muscle aches & pains. In the USA, Indigo grows wild & was used by the Native Americans for detoxifcation & healing. Once the top traded commodity in Louisiana & South Carolina, Indigo has rich history & of high importance in the New World. Indigo Leaf and Yaa Nang from tropical forest ease muscle tension while cinnamon and camphor stimulate blood circulation. Indigo, the color of Buddha of Medicine, also acts as chromotherapy on the body & leaves the body soothed & relaxed.

Coconut Poultice

soothing & conditioning

coconut poultice
Specifically designed to soothe and condition. This coconut poultice helps to combat dry skin, black sesame seeds are rich in mineral including calcium and iron and coconut also known as “Tree of Life” is filled with Vitamin E and K that prevents aging & deeply nourishes the skin.
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil: Known as the

“Tree of Life,” the wonderful fruit of the coco- nut palm is rich in specific fats that have incredible skin & health bene- fits. Extra virgin coconut oil is easily absorbed into the deeper layers of
skin and works wonderfully to soften, heal, moisturize & smooth dry and aging skin.