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Ytsara Mood Blends

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Ytsara “Mood Blends” are a powerful blend of essential oils which have a strong psychological effect on the mind.

purity oil

Purity Mood Blend: clear the mind and calm the spirit with clarifying sacred woody aromas. Promote energy balance & grounding with himalayan cedarwood, mandarin, rosewood, cedarwood and vetiver essential oils.

10 ml / 500ml

Renew Mood Blend: nurture and renew in a room filled with sweet flowery aromas. Please your senses while sinking in blissful harmony with lavender, sweet orange, ylang ylang and geranium essential oils.

10 ml / 500ml

serenity oil

Serenity Mood Blend: Center body and mind with the sophisticated aromas of comforting citrus notes. Induce meditation with maychang, citrus sinensis and sweet orange essential oils.

10 ml /500ml

vitality oil
Vitality Mood Blend: Awaken body and mind with energizing minty aromas and experience. Empower your inner soul with scents of spearmint, mint,rosemary, sweet orange, and lesser galanga essential oil.

10 ml / 500ml