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Skincare Blends

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Oil of Java Skincare Blends utilize the botanical vastness of Indonesia’s bio-mega diversity for a unique & effective variety of essential oil blends intended to heal & nourish the deepest layers of skin for an intensely radiant complexion.

Anti-wrinkle (steam)
fennel, carrot, geranium
Anti-wrinkle Oil (steam) is a blend of various pure essential oils to help minimize early signs of aging and prevent premature aging. Provide youthful, radiant and firm skin. 10ml

Anti-wrinkle (massage)
palma rosa, carrot, patchouli, evening primrose
Anti-wrinkle Oil minimizes early signs of aging by improving microcirulation. Dill, patchouli and carrot oil penetrate deeply to accelerate renewal of cells and tighen sagging skin. 10ml

Acne Oil (massage)
eucalyptus, palma rosa, lavender, patchouli
Acne Oil clears acne & skin blemishes by reducing excess oil. Eucalyptus promotes regeneration of skin tissue & possesses exceptional germicial properties to kill bacteria that cause acne. 10ml

Spot Oil (steam)
camphor, cananga, lavender, lemon
Spot Oil helps get rid of unsightly spots by fighting bacterial infection. Lemon and Cananga oils stimulate new cell growth to replace damaged skin cells, spots or freckles. 10ml