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How it Works

Epilfree Body Face Intimate
Epilfree is part of comprehensive treatment which inhibits and slows down re-growth of body hair. It’s based on a combination of natural & synthetic ingredients and consists of essential liquids extracted from herbs, such as Ladies Mantle and Eucalyptus. The preparation includes ingredients which nourish and soften the skin and enable the absorption of active substances by the skin pores to the hair follicle. Epilfree is only effective when combined with epilation, not depilation.

Epilfree eliminates hair growth with two solutions that work in perfect synchronization with one another to open the hair shaft to allow the penetration of an activator that inhibits hair growth. This action will affect the dividing cell only under the condition that the hair follicle is totally empty. The hair shaft, root seed have to be totally removed through the epilating process.

epilation Gel absorbtionno need to wrap

Step 1: Perform the epilation method of your choice (waxing, threading or tweezing) following the specific guidelines in the Epilfree Training Manual. It is ESSENTIAL that the root seed is removed from the follicle.

Step 2: Immediately after epilation, take the required amount of drops from the Activator (A) and spread it into the treatment area making sure to go AGAINST hair growth. Do not “massage” it into the treatment area, as it should remain a little wet. After application of Activator (A), maintain a waiting time of 5-minutes–no less!

The Activator A was developed with a high Ph in order to enlarge the pores and increase the hair shaft gate by 4 times. This causes the toner B to penetrate faster and deeper into the skin therefore to permanently affect the cell which is in dividing process. There are also important ingredients that keep the hair shaft hygienic.

Step 3: Apply Toner (B) with intense massage movements going AGAINST the direction of hair growth, until it is absorbed into the skin.

The Toner B (Inhibitor) was developed based on botanical knowledge and experience in order to affect the hair cell when it is in dividing process. The composition of the expertly chosen ingredients works on the live cells at the base of the hair shaft to render them incapable of producing any more hair growth. One of the ingredients in the Toner limits the amount of respiration activity to the dividing cell exclusively in the epidermis layer.

NO WRAPPING REQUIRED AFTER APPLICATION. The concentrated Epilfree Formula’s circumvent the need for wrapping. Have your client follow the aftercare instructions provided in the Epilfree Training Manual!

Note from Dr Konis:

The formula I prepared is based on long term research of herbs and plants for the healing of skin disease. I discovered some that are very effective in the healing the skin diseases which cause uncontrollable cell division. One of the solutions found was Alcanilia Vulgaris also named “Ladies Mantle”. This plant is known as a natural preservative which slows the cell division process. There are a few other plants and herbs that soften and preserve the skin keeping it in good condition. Interestingly, one of the side effects when testing the ingredients chosen for the healing of skin disease was that the hair in the treated area didn’t grow back. Hence, the Epilfree treatment was developed as a new alternative to the other methods for removing unwanted hair for the long term.

The two formula’s that comprise the Epilfree treatment work in perfect synchronization with one another to optimize the results. It’s simple & effective!