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“Important Notice! Epilfree has been reformulated & updated training materials are available & required to achieve maximum results!”

EpilFree introduces 3 revolutionary scientific products that are now available in a concentrated formula to address different hair types in specific treatment areas for maximum results. The newly formulated serums circumvent the need for wrapping after application, so it’s simple & effective!

Epilfree’s 3 concentrated serums target specific treatment areas:

Epilfree ProductsEpilfree Products 2Epilfree Products 3

Epilfree is part of comprehensive treatment which inhibits and slows down re-growth of face and body hair up to 80%. It is based on a combination of natural & safe synthetic ingredients, and consists of essential liquids extracted from herbs, such as Ladies Mantle and Eucalyptus. The preparation nourishes and softens the skin, as well as enables the treatment lotions to easily penetrate the skin pores to the hair follicle. Epilfree can safely and successfully be used on anyone, anywhere on the body including downy facial hair. Men and women of all ages with any hair or skin color are all candidates for hair removal with the Epilfree treatment.

There is never a danger of skin pigmentation before during or after treatments. The ingredients are all gentle, there is not “one” particular ingredient that stops the hair from ever growing back in each treated follicle; it’s the combination of these mild ingredients that render the follicle useless. A single treatment on a limited area will give visible results within several weeks, enabling the treated person to judge the efficacy of treatment for him/herself without becoming involved in long-term financial commitments.