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Dewi Sri Spa™ reveals the secret ancient wisdom of total beauty care known as “Rupasampat Wahyabiantara,” which reflects both inner and outer beauty throughout all lifecycles.

Dewi Sri Spa™ uses a rich combination of Rice Extract, Turmeric and Essential Oils to nourish the skin revitalize the lymphatic system and stimulate internal organs for vitality and rebirth.

There are 3 Aromatic Blends within the Dewri Sri Spa™ product line, giving guests the opportunity to be pampered with their favorite aroma blend, as well as providing spa professionals the freedom to customize their own treatments using all – or a combination of the products.

Aromatic Blends

Body Contour
[citrus aroma]
The “Body Contour Series” features a refreshing blend of Lemon, Patchouli and Lavender essential oils with a deliciously “citrus” aroma known to be effective in stimulating the lymphatic system for increased detoxification and a reduction of cellulite. As is the Royal tradition of Indonesia, Rice Extract and Turmeric is added to soften, nourish and protect the skin.

[floral aroma]
The Dewi Sri Spa “Sensual” Series is Mother Nature’s own Royal Court of skincare. It is a majestic blend of Rose, the “Queen of Flowers” and Jasmine, known as the “King of Aromatics,” plus Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang. In addition to their superior skincare benefits, they are known for their natural aphrodisiac and calming effects.

The Dewi Sri Spa™ “Reviving Series contains a minty-lemon fresh blend of Peppermint, Lemon and Cubeba essential oils formulated to revitalize and refresh the senses. Also, containing Camphor and Chamomile it aids in relieving fatigue and calming nervous tension.

Product Series

Dewi Sri Body Scrub is used to remove dead skin cells that block the penetration of vital nutrients to the skin.

Dewi Sri Massage Oil relaxes tense muscles, stimulates circulation, softens skin and delivers the therapeutic benefits of the essential oils. Indirectly, if can also stimulate the skin regeneration process by maintaining the collagen level which in turn will promote elasticity of the skin and prevent wrinkles.

Dewi Sri Body Masks are used to tighten, tone and cleanse the skin of impurities. The rich nutrients of the finely ground rice extract and turmeric are combined with pure essential oils to nourish the skin, as well as gently exfoliate.

Dewi Sri Herbal Baths aromatically rinse away the Dewi Sri Body Mask that has been used to cleanse the skin of impurities and enjoy the sensual pleasures of natural herbs. In Indonesian culture, bathing with flowers is an important daily ritual for purification of body, mind and soul. Note: Hydrotherapy tub or shower not required.

Dewi Sri Body Lotion is the prefect finishing touch to a treatment fit for a queen and prized by princesses throughout the mystical island overflowing with nature’s beauty. Rich in vitamins, minerals and essential oils, it will nourish and protect your skin from harsh and/or damaging elements in the environment.