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Bath Salts

Experience the earth’s age-old panacea of fossilized Pink Himalayan Rock Salt dating back 250 years.  Crystalline pink salt, containing 84 minerals essential to human life and created in the pristine eco-system of the Himalayas, restores the body’s natural energy and ability to self-heal when sprinkled into a therapeutic bath or invigorating hydrotherapy tub.  Afterwards, enjoy our signature body oil ceremony with the organic aromatherapy body oil of your choice to relax, soften and nourish your skin.

equilibrium salts harmony salts longevity salts serenity salts

Harmony Bath Salts
Synchronise your body and mind with re-energizing Himalayan salts as you breathe in blue ginger to enhance your circulation and the emotional boost of sweet orange, for a magically rejuvenated day.

Retail 10.2oz    Professional 35.2oz

Spa Tip: To soften skin & e-energize, mix with Ytsara Energizing Body Oil for an invigorating salt scrub that helps re-balance the metabolism.

Equilibrium Bath Salts
According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, mandarin enhances qi (our life force), to break-up congestion and enhance the flow of liquids through the body. When alongside healing Himalayan salts and detoxifying rosemary, feel balance return to your body and psyche.

Retail 10.2oz    Professional 35.2oz

Spa Tip: Purify with a detoxifying salt scrub using Ytsara Detox Body Oil that will leave your skin silky smooth & whole body refreshed.

Longevity Bath Salts
Allow Himalayan salts to nourish your body, mixed with strengthening vetiver, calming ylang ylang and detoxifying sweet orange. Feel tensions ebb away, replaced with a new-found serenity.

Retail 10.2oz    Professional 35.2oz

Spa Tip: Add Ytsara Contour Body Oil for a spicy salt scrub that will stimulate circulation & feed the skin with essential nutrients.

Serenity Bath Salts
Powerful Himalayan salts are added to Asia’s remedies of soothing lemongrass and uplifting sweet orange essential oils for a warm cocoon of rest and mental meditation.

Retail 10.2oz    Professional 35.2oz

Spa Tip: Blend with Ytsara Relaxing Body Oil and envelop your body with a deep sensation of serenity and equilibrium while the nurturing oils of Rice Bran, Sweet Almond, Soy and Wheat Germ help boost skin repair and prevent premature aging.