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Purple Corn Exfoliant

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Maize is considered the sacred plant of life. In the Inca Sun cult, it is associated with the gratitude for light, warmth and energy that is supplied to man.

The kernels of purple corn are one of the natural sources with the highest concentration of antioxidants, especially the anthocyanin flavanoid C3G.

Its powerful capacity to absorb free radicals slows down degenerative processes, enhances regeneration of the tissues and promotes the formation of collagen. Furthermore, it improves cell irrigation, detoxifies the skin and has anti-inflammatory effects.

Purple Corn Antioxidant Body Exfoliant

A natural source of antioxidants for the skin thanks to its high content of Anthocyanins (flavonoid) of the purple corn. It removes toxins from the body, cleans in depth and protects the skin. A magical feeling of softness and luminosity with a refreshing aroma of the Andean Muña plant.

Retail 120 ml Professional 500 ml