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7 Flowers Beautifying Powder

Several centuries ago the Thai Royal Palace was a place of refinement, elegance and beauty. Like anything designed for Royals, royal body treatments were complicated and labor intensive. Thai flowers were the main ingredients because of their medicinal healing properties as well as their glorious aromas that left women perfumed and elegant. The 7 Flowers Beatifying Scrub was one of these royal beauty treatments and at that time was the domain of special herbal therapists.

Ytsara has revisited this treatment after the recipe was exclusively handed down by the Great Grandmother of the company’s herb farmer in Northern Thailand. The 7 Flowers Beautifying Powder is now available for modern spa use and features the same sacred and healing flowers princesses and queens have used in the past to beautify themselves.

Professional only 1kilo

Spa Ritual: Tamrap Luang, seven flowers royal treat