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As the largest organ of your body, what you put on your body is as important as what you put in your body.

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Your skin is a vital organ that requires nourishment to keep it living and breathing properly. It protects against daily environmental stressors, so it’s important what you smooth into it helps it function rather than adding to its workload.

Botanical extracts and essential oils are naturally compatible with the skin and promote regeneration of healthy cells. A consistent body care regimen, including regular exfoliation and daily hydration with plant-infused products will ensure your body is able to achieve and maintain a naturally soft, healthy and youthful radiance.

Beauty Secrets Holistic Spa Therapies feature Ytsara and Dewi Sri Spa body care products that utilize natural & organic ingredients from the vast bio-diverse wildernesses of Thailand and Indonesia for professional use and home care.
Beauty Secret’s Holistic Spa Treatment Guide details all our spa services complete with menu description, product knowledge and list of retail support items. Request a copy today!

Drawing on centuries of Asian wisdom, Ytsara is an invitation to take a fresh look at life, using traditional, natural beauty secrets. At the heart of Ytsara & our spa programs is the traditions of Asian wellness, nurturing the body balancing the psyche & soothing the soul for a complete rejuvenation. We aim to achieve radiant skin, healthy bodies and total well-being with down-to-earth solutions for those who want to maintain purity, nurture their skin and rejuvenate their souls.

Inspired by an Asian blend of healing & therapeutic remedies, Ytsara holistic spa programs and treatments offer an original and global approach to age-old rituals and native Asian holistic healing practices for modern use.

Dewi Sri logo Dewi Sri Spa reveals the secret ancient wisdom of total beauty care known as “Rupasampat Wahyabiantara,” which reflects both inner and outer beauty throughout all life cycles. Within tradition, health care is part of beauty care. Health is beauty and to be beautiful is healthy; those who are healthy will look beautiful, a radiant beauty from within that will be reflected in an ageless natural beauty.

Dewi Sri Spa uses a rich combination of Rice Extract, Turmeric and Essential Oils to nourish the skin revitalize the lymphatic system and stimulate internal organs for vitality and rebirth.