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Welcome to Bali, one of the last places on Earth that still conjures up images of mystique, beauty, peace and goodwill—a unique way of life in this modern day and age. Your senses will be bewildered by the colors, natural beauty and charm that is Bali. The last frontier-where your quest for the true meaning of life begins and who’s hypnotic effect last a life time.

The spa experience is as important as the treatment itself…

The desire for spa goers to travel to the ends of the Earth to discover the latest in spa trends is more than just about lotions and potions – it’s about the experience. In equal balance with results, a spa visit should be memorable. In the fairytale land of the “tropical spa,” every detail from beginning to end is carefully planned and executed as spa guests are made to feel like Kings and Queens.

Beauty Secrets’ Kimono Spa Robe, Wraps & Massage Table Sheets Sets are designed in the tradition of the islands where your spirits are uplifted before you set one foot in a treatment room. Locally designed by the Balinese, each kimono is hand-sewn and individually inspected to guarantee fabric of great ingenuity and beauty.

Just as spa has been a social culture in Indonesia for ages, textiles are more than just a source of income, they are an integral part of the people’s lifestyle and culture, which makes them more than just master of the craft, but rather global textile experts.

Cranberry Sheet Set Bali Spa Kimono