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Drawing on centuries of Asian wisdom, Ytsara™ (meaning “freedom” in Thai) is an invitation to take a fresh look at life, using traditional, natural beauty secrets.

At the heart of Ytsara & our spa programs is the traditions of Asian wellness, nurturing the body balancing the psyche & soothing the soul for a complete rejuvenation. We aim to achieve radiant skin, healthy bodies and total well-being with down-to-earth solutions for those who want to maintain purity, nurture their skin and rejuvenate their souls.

Ytsara is developed exclusively for high-end resort & day spas that must cater to guests with a discerning appetite for beauty and excellence, coupled with their quest for a truly unique global spa experience.

Inspired by an Asian blend of healing & therapeutic remedies, Ytsara holistic spa programs and treatments offer an original and global approach to age-old rituals and native Asian holistic healing practices for modern use.

Our rich & inventive formulations using more than 55 organic ingredients will embark your customers on a journey of self-discovery with numerous tropical sensations: the balancing white orchid facial cream, healing herbal poultice compress, detoxifying ginger body wrap and the quenching bamboo shoot facial mask elicit exquisite delight.

Ytsara’s herbs, roots, flowers and fruits are either cultivated on organic farms in Thailand, or picked by hand in the forest, taking care to preserve the environment.

Ytsara chooses botanical ingredients that are easily renewable, intentionally using those that can be cultivated & not “stolen” from the wilderness as they are too difficult to re-plant there. The herbs for our poultices are organically grown and bought at a fair