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Oil Of Java

Oil of Java

Oil of Java combines traditional knowledge with indigenous botanicals for a line of therapeutic essential oil blends to care for physical health problems pertaining to skin and beauty as well as psychological effects such as stress and tension.

Aromatherapy can revitalize skin through essential oils that penetrates deep into the skin to boost blood circulation, prevent diseases as it has antibacterial properties, neutralize tense nerves, reduce stress and provide relaxation through the olfactory senses, normalize metabolism and cellular respiration, increase vitality and help burn excess fat, moisturize skin, increase oxygen as well as removes toxin, help managed body equilibrium, and stimulate therapy process.

The way to use Oil of Java Martha Tilaar Aromatic is by rubbing and massaging it over the skin to create a relaxing atmosphere, and to freshen and increase your spirit.

The aromatic treatment is beneficial to maintain beauty. Just rub several drops of the essential oil on the face and neck, then massage it gently.

For optimum result, steam the face with hot water in a bowl that has been mixed with drops of essential oils.