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Cecily J Braden, Founder

Beauty Secrets is based in New York City and was founded by Cecily J. Braden in Y2000.  She is a recognized spa leader and has spent the last 19 years educating spa professionals in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Asia & Europe.  Beauty Secrets was started as a result of her passion for Southeast Asia and desire to offer unique products and services that maintain the traditional techniques and philosophy of international cultures.

That desire to share, from rare botanicals to indigenous massage techniques & beliefs that imbibe global spa rituals from around the world has become a dream come true. Through hard work & dedication, experiencing a global spa treatment, or gaining benefits of a plant that grows in a country oceans a part from your own, no longer involves long & expensive travel, but rather a trip to your local spa destination whose therapists have been expertly trained to impart the healing touch from places you have never been or may ever go.

Cecily’s training and marketing efforts focus on maintaining the healing traditions, core philosophy and proper technique as it relates to the culture and intent of each therapy.  A spa treatment is more than the ABC’s of the protocol; emphasis should be on the whole of the treatment, which embraces the mental, physical and spiritual aspects of both the therapist and guest for increased health & wellness benefits.

Cecily’s core spa belief is that the “spa experience should be equal to the results.”