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The Epilfree treatment was developed in Israel by Yoel Konis PhD, an expert in the field of Chemistry and a cosmetics scientist for 27 years. The basic version was released in 2000 when the new trend of laser and IPL hair removal machines began to gain popularity. The simplicity and the high efficiency of the Epilfree treatment were overlooked at that time because of the high tech new machinery hitting the marketplace.

Years later, due to its documented successful results at long term hair removal, Epilfree found his natural place back in the hair removal field.

Note from Dr Konis:

The formula I prepared is based on long term research of herbs and plants for the healing of skin disease. I discovered some that are very effective in the healing the skin diseases which cause uncontrollable cell division. One of the solutions found was Alcanilia Vulgaris also named “Ladies Mantle”. This plant is known as a natural preservative which slows the cell division process. There are a few other plants and herbs that soften and preserve the skin keeping it in good condition. Interestingly, one of the side effects when testing the ingredients chosen for the healing of skin disease was that the hair in the treated area didn’t grow back. Hence, the Epilfree treatment was developed as a new alternative to the other methods for removing unwanted hair for the long term.

The two formula’s that comprise the Epilfree treatment work in perfect synchronization with one another to optimize the results. It’s simple & effective!