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Dewi Sri Spa

Dewi Sri


Martha Tilaar Group recognizes that human rights and environmental issues are counterparts. As a market leader for local cosmetics, the group is strongly concerned about the above issues raised by the company’s surrounding community and is eager to do its part in maintaining the well being of the society. The implementation is done through some community development programs and based on the following principles:





Rice is known as one of beauty resources in Indonesia, even a legend goddess Dewi Sri is known as a paddy guardian to good harvest, fertility, prosperous and eternal beauty. Rice is also valued highly as a metaphor in eastern philosophy. The way rice grows provides guidance for the wise on how to live-not with with arrogance but with patience and humility.

Based on research conducted by Japanese and Indonesia scientist, it has been found that the chemical structure of rice similar to ceramide, which contributes to the regeneration process and new cells growth.

The ceramide inside helps skin regeneration and growth of new skin cell. Rice extract also contain Protein, Essential Fatty Acid, Complex Vitamin B, E and K, Mineral, Choline and Gamma-Oryzanol. All help to increase collagen production, skin elasticity that makes skin looks more fresh, healthy, and younger appearance. Based on inspiration above, Dewi Sri Spa Martha Tilaar was created from the finest rice extract to care for the body and scented with exotic oils to nurture the senses. Dewi Sri Spa offers the total beauty of body, mind and soul.

Our research & development center is among the largest in the industry. We have developed partnership with Leiden University, The Netherlands in ethno-botanical research, MT Laboratories, France in cosmetics research, and many other research centers. Although natural in product concept, the Group also combines the scientific approach in its good manufacturing practices through the application of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and Indonesian GMP standards in the 3 manufacturing plants, specializing in general cosmetics, toiletries & perfumeries and herbal medicines. In recognition of its genuine sustaining power in the global competition during the Asian monetary crisis in 1977-2000, the Group became the only local beauty-care company who was featured in a case study raised by Dr Philip Kotler, Hermawan Kertajaya, Hooi Den Huan and Sandra Liu entitled “Rethinking Marketing: Sustainable Marketing Enterprise in Asia”.


It is also our commitment to promote awareness on environmental protection by setting up “An Organic Plantation” in Cikarang, Indonesia to esure that organic plant cultivation method is being effectively implemented to support the suplly chain process through conservation of Indonesia’s original farming for farmers and fans of nature, and optimization of goods quality plant materials by conducting good post-harvest practices. In this global value creation, we also become a member of the Global Compact Society through active participation of our Martha Tilaar Foundation.